Support your trading with fundamentals

Fundamental Prime distributes fundamental data such as economic indicators.

With the indicators we distribute, you can focus on your own trading without browsing various web sites.

Official indicator FIC EO is now available.

Fundamentals and analysis of historical price actions and indicators can be incorporated to your system trading through the web APIs.

Currently, VIX, economic calendar and market order data are available.


VIX: CBOE Volatility Index 
Approximately 15 min delay

Economic calendar

Analysis of market events for your trading strategy


Market order

Order volumes by prices
(12 currency pairs)


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Avg. Economic indicators/month

Number of economic indicators


Currency pairs for order

Official Products (for MT4 users)

MT4 Indicator

FIC EO for MT4

FIC EO is designed exclusively for MT4 by Metaquotes.

Economic calendar and marker orders will be displayed in the chart.

It is an obsolete way to acquire fundamental data, browsing lots of web sites to check your trading strategy. With FIC CIO, economic calendar and market orders will be displayed in the MT4 charts and it enables you to check your trading strategy and fundamental events easily. Also, market order data (limit/stop order) will be shown in the chart to help your trading.


Economic indicator

26 countries, over 3,650 economic indicators.

Order Volume

12 currency pairs, every 5 min.


For developers: Expert advisor, System trading, indicator developers

Providing fundamentals through the Web API

Great news for engineers! It is easy to obtain fundamentals data through RESET API.



Web API is a simple communication protocol and available with plain program.


JSON is a modern and smart data format.


CSV is a legacy data format but widely acceptable. It does not need to parse.

This is an example. Fundamental Prime Web API enables to acquire market data below.

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