How to install and set indicators etc. on MT4

Explain using the FIC EO indicator as an example.The procedure is the same for other indicators and EA.
Be careful not to make a mistake in the copy source and copy destination of the file.

Step 1.Download the file and unzip the ZIP file

If the downloaded file is a zip file, unzip it to any folder.

It usually has folders such as Indicators, Experts, and Images. (Depends on the product)

Step 2.Open the MQL4 folder (folder for saving programs and data) of MT4

Next, start MT4 and select “File”-> “Open Data Folder” to display Explorer. Check the “MQL4” folder in this.
This folder is the copy destination folder for files such as indicators used. You can see folders such as Indicators, Experts, and Images.

Step 3.Copy the files

Copy the files in the folder displayed in “Step1” to the folder displayed in “Step2”. Be careful not to make a mistake in the parent folder name of the file. Please copy all the files.

*Follow any other instructions for files to copy.

Step 4.Update MT4 navigator

Just copying the file does not show the indicator in the navigator.

“Right click” on the navigator and selecting “Update”, the program file copied in Step 3 will be displayed.

Step 5.Basic settings EA (for expert advisors)

In order to use the Expert Advisor (EA) that uses the Fundamental Prime Web API, it is necessary to allow the DLL specifications.

Select menu Tool , Option , Expert Advisor Tab.Turn on “Allow DLL imports” in Tab.

Step 6.Apply indicator and EA to MT4 chart window

Find the indicator or EA you want to use in the navigator. Drag and drop it into the chart window where you want to display it. An indicator is displayed on the chart screen.

For the first time, the setting dialog is displayed.

Step 7.Parameter settings

There are setting items in the indicator dialog displayed in Step 6.

Turn on “Allow DLL Imports” in the “Common” tag.

In addition, programs that use Fundamental Prime with indicators or EA require an ID “FPUSERID” for user authentication.

「Find the “FPUSERID” field in the “Input” tag and enter your FPUSERID in this field.

You can find your FPUSERID at the top of the menu bar on the left side of the screen, in the column with your name, by logging in to the Fundamental Prime website.

This will start the operation.

There is a lot of information on the net about how to install EA and indicators, so please refer to that as well.